From the Director's Desk


Dear Visitors, Colleagues and Friends,

Belinda Reyes, DirectorWelcome to the website of the César E. Chávez Institute (CCI), the community and action research center of the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University.

The Institute is dedicated to examining, documenting, and providing strategies to address issues confronting communities of color and traditionally discriminated populations in the United States in the areas of health, education and self-determination.  The Institute focuses on processes that empower communities and individuals in their struggles for inclusion, equality and self-determination, highlighting already-present sources of resiliency and strength.

As part o the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State, the only multi-ethnic, multi-disciplinary comprehensive academic College in the nation with over 70 faculty dedicated solely to the discipline and anchored in the intellectual and cultural traditions of African, Arab, Asian, Latino, Muslim and Native Americans, CCI is uniquely positioned to serve the state of California as a premier center of study, training, and action as it relates to ethnicity, community empowerment and public policy. 

Since the early years, the Institute embarked on an agenda of scholarship, student and faculty support, and community action.  Under my leadership, the Institute continues its commitment to socially engaged scholarship on behalf of communities of color and traditionally discriminated groups.

We are working intensively to launch new programs and initiatives to increase faculty, student and community participation. Come back to learn about our new projects as they are announced, and please feel free to visit us at our offices on campus.

Belinda I. Reyes