Our work: Research and Action

The César E. Chávez Institute is committed to the highest quality research, with the goal of developing effective and culturally appropriate strategies and policies. Our community partners are not merely the objects of research and intervention, but rather active participants in the investigative process and in the meaningful interpretation and documentation of findings.

We employ a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods, such as surveys, secondary data analysis, policy analysis, ethnography, in-depth interviews, oral histories, focus groups, social documentation and literary criticism. We seek only meaningful projects that have the potential to create change in our communities.


Study group in a college library


We aim to improve educational progress and ensure that students of color have access to a high-quality education. We examine the varying educational attainment levels of students of color and the barriers to education.


Silouette of person viewing the ocean at sunset


We aim to improve health by increasing access to high-quality, culturally and linguistically appropriate care in our communities. We explore the social determinants of health and the intersection of social and institutional factors that perpetuate lax care, medical disadvantages, and poor health.


sculpture representing resilience and self-determination


We are committed to building the capacity of individuals, families, and communities, expand wealth, foster leadership, and promote the enfranchisement of people of color. We examine and document barriers to self- determination and inclusion, explore programs that promote community empowerment, and support already present sources of resiliency and strength.