Health-related Projects

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Chronology of Health-related Projects


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Violence and Suicide Prevention

A field/participatory research to study the efficacy of a novel, workshop-based approach to instilling and promoting self-management skills among youth, particularly with regard to self-esteem, emotional intelligence, fitness, and healthy habits.

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Community-engaged Health Research

A short-term project to explore current definitions and practices in the engagement of community voices and expertise in the health research field in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Acción Mutua Collaboration for HIV Prevention

Enhancing the programmatic capacity of CBOs and health departments to implement Evidence-Based Interventions and other HIV prevention services for Latinos and other communities of color in the western United States.

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Drug use and sexual risk among Latino MSM

An in-depth investigation of the social contexts and individual patterns of drug use during sexual activity among Latino gay/bisexual men, including developing and testing a theoretical model that explains the observed correlations between drug use and high-risk sexual behavior in this population.

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Impact Evaluation - Harm reduction program for homeless immigrants

An evaluation with the Mission Neighborhood Resource Center to measure life stability, psychiatric symptoms, drug use and related negative effects among homeless immigrants receiving psychiatric services.

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Latino Laborer Health Ethnography

A study designed to enhance the capacity-building potential of social service and health providers serving Latino migrant laborers in central California.

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Social Network Intervention: Reducing the impact of meth use

The purpose of this project was to develop, implement and pilot-test three types/levels of interventions targeting Latino gay men with the intention to reduce HIV transmission while under the influence of methamphetamine.

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Substance-using Youth in Northern California

A project to describe and explain salient socio-cultural factors and forces that contextualize the everyday lives of 14-25 year old substance using youth in five Northern California counties, with an emphasis on how such factors and forces place this population at risk for HIV transmission and related health problems.