Mission Statement

citizens marching for farmworker rights in the 1960s

Inspired by César E. Chávez’ commitment to social justice action, CCI is dedicated to examining, documenting, and providing strategies to address the impact of social oppression on communities of color in the United States.

The Institute focuses on processes that empower communities and individuals in their struggles for inclusion, equality and self-determination, highlighting already-present sources of resiliency and strength.

We seek to serve as a bridge between academic research and community empowerment: Community partners are not merely the objects of research and intervention, but also active participants in the formulation of the research question itself, in the processes of investigation, and/or in the meaningful documentation of findings.

Our intention is to quickly generate accessible and useful results to policy makers, service providers, educators, and community advocates.

We support the missions of the College of Ethnic Studies and of San Francisco State University through innovative projects and programs that strengthen scholarly research, community engagement and non-violent social action.