Dragon Fruit Project

Queer Asian Pacific Islander Women and Transgenders in San Francisco

Amy Sueyoshi, Ph.D., In partnership with the GLBT Historical Society and the APIQWTC


Event poster

entrance to the museum display


The Dragon Fruit Project: Asian Pacific Islander queer women and transgender activist history has been at risk of being lost. No archive actively collected their materials, and queer elders in the community are approaching their seventies. The Dragon Fruit project set for itself the goal of training members of APIQWTC (Asian Pacific Islander Queer Women and Transgender Community) to collect and record their own history, deposit collected materials and recorded oral histories at the GLBT Historical Society archive, and exhibit their activism at San Francisco's GLBT History Museum as a significant first step in preserving that history.

In addition, Dragon Fruit examined what love means to those who fought not just for their sexuality within the API community but also against racism and misogyny from white lesbians and gays. Dragon Fruit is a spotlight not just on the reality of queer API organizing, but also the role of love in community activism.


Contact the Project Director Amy Sueyoshi.