Chávez Research Commons - EP100

Welcome to EP100...

EP100 is a College of Ethnic Studies multi-purpose research, teaching, meeting and activity space administered by the César Chávez Institute (CCI). The space is available to all Ethnic Studies faculty members and staff for general research, special events, and general academic and administrative activities.

It has a central meeting table, comprised of four folding tables, with eight chairs; four work stations with new iMacs (wireless internet access only at this time); a network-connected LCD panel; a refrigerator for event foods; and additional seating.

Inside of EP100

EP100 Usage Guidelines

Faculty are legally required to be present at all times when hosting any group of students or off-campus individuals: By reserving the room, you are making this commitment.


Priority for room usage will be in the following descending order:

  • CCI research projects;
  • Dean's events;
  • Research-related events from the faculty at large;
  • Departmental meetings, when 116 is not available;
  • Other faculty-sponsored meetings and events, when 116 is not available;


  • May not be reserved as a regular classroom.
  • Students and other non-faculty/non-staff persons cannot be left unattended in the room; Responsible faculty person or their faculty/staff designeé must be present at all times.
  • Any faculty person or faculty-supervised organization may reserve the room up to 15 times per semester; after that, only a soft-hold will be made on the room, during which time the room could be made available to someone else; If another need arises, you will be notified as far ahead of time as possible.

Building Hours

Building hours are from 7:00am to 9:00pm

Nights and Weekends

Usage weekends or after 9:00pm is possible:

  • Make reservation request as described above;
  • Key can be picked up in the Dean's office (EP121) before 5pm on the workday prior (please check ahead of time -- office staff are not always available);
  • Key should be returned as early as possible on the following work day;
  • Faculty person will need to inform Campus Police by email about your off-hour usage. Please contact:

Captain Jun Takahashi

San Francisco State University

Police Department

(415) 405-3878

  • If you do not have a white building swipe card to access the front door, then arrange with campus police for building access;

IT needs

As a CoES space, IT support is available with adequate advance notice via the Academic Technology Support Desk at 5-5562 /


  • Please return all furniture to original location (see floorplan at bottom for furniture layout).
  • Please wipe down any tables/chairs that might have crumbs, spillage or greasy prints; paper towels and water available in the restrooms.
  • Make sure all garbage and recycling is placed in bins.
  • Turn off lights and the LCD screen.
  • Make sure no food is left in the refrigerator more than 24 hours.
  • Make sure rubber door-stopper is inside the room and not in the hallway
  • Leave self locking door closed.


Any issues with the room you would like addressed can be reported at

room floorplan



Click here to make a reservation

To request a reservation, clicke above, or email with the following information:

[1] Your name

[2] Date requested

[3] Time requested

[4] Purpose/Event description

[5] Number of persons.

[6] What faculty or staff person will be present and responsible for the event.

Minimum twenty-four business hours required for confirmation. Last minute requests might not be accommodated.


Look for a confirmation

You will receive an email response confirming your reservation - or - requesting further information.


Key Access

EP100 is opened by the College's Master key, available through the Dean’s office (EP121) - during normal office hours and as staffing permits.