Preschool Enrollment among Latino Children in California

With the Wealth Research Organization

Increasingly scholars and educators point out the benefits of a preschool education for children.  These benefits could be even higher for children who experience significant disadvantage, such as those living in extreme poverty.  And there is strong indication that preschool has a positive impact on Latino children.   

Although preschool is believed to be of benefit for children, Latinos are not enrolling in preschool at the same rates as other racial and ethnic groups, and even when they do enroll, few enrolled for more than a year.  The low preschool enrollment of Latino children could be the result of language constraints, cultural ideas about childbearing, affordability, or lack of awareness about benefits and programs.  There may also be differences in enrolment throughout California responding to program access, quality or supply.  Besides, available programs may not respond to the needs of Latino children or parents. For instance, Latino parents may need more culturally sensitive programs with caregivers that support and promote the use of Spanish.  In this report we examine preschool enrollment for Latino children in California. 

Principal Investigator: Belinda Reyes, PhD