Youth Organizing Pipeline Project

The Youth Organizing Pipeline Project (YO-PP) was designed to create, support, and develop a pipeline of leadership within school and community-based organizations, bring new voices to critical educational issues by using innovative models of cross-sectoral and multigenerational organizing, and to develop conscious, effective youth leadership to organize and win access to high quality education for youth of color and low-income youth.

Our focus is to use school and community-based organizing to dismantle educational barriers for youth of color and low-income youth by organizing students from historically oppressed and elite communities, within and outside of academic institutions, and across urban and suburban zip codes in: educational excellence, curriculum development, discipline, teacher pedagogy, and access to college.

The goals of YO-PP are to:

  • Deepen understanding about the goals, models, strategies, and impact of promoting multi-ethnic and multi-racial approaches to sustainable leadership development for school and community-based organizations;
  • Support school and community-based organizations to increase and deepen their effectiveness to develop and promote youth of color in leadership positions;
  • Develop relationships and networks between school and community-based organizations and public policy organizations with a commitment to developing youth of color in leadership positions;
  • Create a partnership of local/regional school and community-based organizations to improve education equity and excellence in low-income urban and suburban communities of color.

Investigator: Dr. Antwi Akom