Ethnic Studies in San Francisco Schools

urbanclassroomThe purpose of this project is to develop ways in which ethnic studies can be included in the curriculum of urban schools to inspire students to be more engaged in their education. This project employs both methods of traditional research and also ground-breaking community based participatory research by directly working with youth and public school teachers in the development of the research aims and methodology. The director of this project, Dr. Titiangco-Cubales, is currently working with an Ethnic Studies Development Committee of the San Francisco Unified School District to create curriculum for the schools.

The project’s focus is to:

  • Study the relationship between ethnic studies, critical pedagogy, students’ achievement, pursuit of higher education and careers as educators

  • Develop partnerships with urban schools and community organizations

  • Create bridges between the university, community, and urban schools

  • Implement ethnic studies in urban schools and in community settings

  • Produce lesson plans, workshops, units, sourcebooks, articles, and essays that will research and support educators and teachers in their implementation of ethnic studies

  • Explore ways that ethnic studies can engage students to become critically conscious and socially responsible

Investigator: Dr. Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales