Campus Life Survey


What are we doing?


The Chávez Institute is now conducting an unprecedented campus-wide survey of undergraduates to better understand several critical aspects of student life.

The web-based survey, launched on March 3rd with the collaboration of Academic Institutional Research, is being distributed by email every Monday in March and early April to over 23,000 students, who are already submitting their confidential responses.

Students' personal feedback is being solicited on a range of issues, including ~


  • Campus programs, activities, services

  • Enrollment and class registration

  • Mentoring and support

  • Diversity and campus climate

  • College affordability



Why are we doing it?

Our goals are to:

  • Take a close, systematic look at some of the opportunities and challenges our students experience in their day-to-day life, centered on their points of view and holistic experiences  -  social, financial, psychological and academic;
  • Compile a groundbreaking data set  - survey responses will be merged with student records to explore correlations between their personal experiences and actual academic outcomes;
  • Identify barriers and challenges common to many undergraduates or unique to specific, perhaps historically underserved segments of the student population, advancing educational equity for our increasingly diverse population;
  • Generate White Papers on known effective and efficient practices to address the issues found in the data;
  • Provide data-supported consultation to the Strategic Planning Coordinating Committee, Hispanic Serving Institution Committee, and other critical campus bodies that formulate policy and programs;
  • Support stronger student enrollment, retention, and graduation rates.
What you can do now.
(The greater the number of responses, the stronger the analyses and impact will be...)

Encourage students to find the survey in their email in-box (it has their own, unique link to the survey) and take it

Make announcements in classes, events and meetings.

Book one of our Survey Promoters to come to you. Promoters are available immediately to make a three-minute presentation to your class or meeting.  Contact us!

Share this email with faculty, staff and administrators who interact with students;

Request promotional materials be delivered to you. Contact us!

Circulate our student-made YouTube video

Volunteer to be a Survey Promoter at classes, events and meetings. Contact us!

Download and print the promo-flyer